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Advanced Diesel Engines-2

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Diesel engines need routine maintenance and upkeep to preserve performance, and over the life of the engine, this might include parts replacement. Cummins provides online engine manuals and a service center locator among online support offerings for diesel engine problems. You can check out customer’s frequently asked questions about diesel engines as well.

Overall, diesel engines are high-powered, long lasting, and fuel efficient. The real problem is their emissions. These contribute to the creation of acid rain and ground level ozone.

Today, regulations to reduce emissions for on-road and off-road diesel engines are increasing in scope and enforcement worldwide. Advanced diesel engines achieve reduced emission through engine efficiency and other systems. Society can continue to benefit from the fuel efficiency of diesel engines without hamrful emissions that accelerate climate change, environmental risks and public health issues.


You might be wondering, “which is better, Duramax or Cummins?” Maybe you are considering buying a 2022 Ram Pickup with an optional Cummins engine versus a Chevy.

Where Cummins excels is in their engines’ longevity, torque, and endurance across a spectrum of environmental conditions. Cummins engines perform under pressure, and they last—that’s the benefit of Cummins legacy of experience.

Cummins is also committed to innovating both diesel aftertreatment systems and in-engine technologies that continually optimize performance and minimize emissions. Cummins products are suitable for commercial drivers as well as heavy machinery, recreational vehicles, generators, stationary equipment, and more. Add Cummins Care knowledge base and support network to the list, and reliability takes on even deeper meaning. It’s not just the engines that are reliable—it’s the whole organization.

Cummins has a long history of building diesel engines to meet every need. We proudly stand by our products as the most reliable, including the diesel engine models below:

Cummins B6.7™

Over the last 40 years Cummins has produced more than 13 million B6.7 diesel engines, which continue to power trucks and buses across the world. The B6.7 is known as the most reliable diesel truck engine that has powered vehicles, people, and products across billions of miles. In 2021 Cummins released new upgrades that allow for extended maintenance intervals between oil and filter changes. It is the company’s mission to keep buses and trucks performing longer and more reliably with less overall investment in maintenance from the owners.

Cummins F3.8™

This inline 4-cylinder engine powers mining, agricultural, and construction machinery. On average, this model delivers 10% more power and 20% more torque. The aftertreatment system to clean emissions takes up 50% less space and weighs 30% less than many existing systems.  Cummins’ Single Module™ aftertreatment system combines DPF, SCR and urea dosing in one “fit-and-forget” unit that operates almost entirely through passive regeneration, extending the service cleaning requirement.

Cummins X15 Efficiency Series™
The X15 Efficiency Series is certified to meet the 2021 EPA and Greenhouse Gas Phase 2 requirements—and Cummins has met those requirements since 2020. This 15-liter diesel engine for trucks and machinery is trusted by a growing number of fleets, owners, and operators to achieve cost savings and new efficiencies in the powertrain.

Cummins QST30™

The QST30 has earned its stripes in the mining industry powering thousands of blast hole drills, wheel loaders, excavators, and haul trucks. This engine is certified as meeting both Tier 4 (U.S.) and Stage 5 (EU) emissions regulations for non-road diesel engines. Cummins’ more controlled in-cylinder combustion process means quieter operation and as much as 8% better fuel economy. A total life to overhaul of 20,000 hours means this mining engine is an investment that will last.

Each of these engines is probably at work somewhere around the world right now, powering life. This is truly a list of some of the most reliable diesel engines in 2022.


As older vehicles and machinery need refurbishment or replacement, owners may want to consider alternatives to advanced diesel engines. Though efficiencies in emissions management make it possible to burn diesel far more cleanly, some organizations simply want to move away from fossil fuels. Others want to reduce spending on fuel or take advantage of emerging infrastructure in their area. Here are two of the advanced alternative power engines that may be suitable for some applications where diesel isn’t meeting an organization’s needs.


Natural gas engines are one of the least disruptive ways for diesel to be replaced with alternative power technology. Natural gas is a low-priced domestic fuel that is already supported by a nationwide infrastructure of miles of pipeline and more than 800 public natural gas refueling sites. Many companies set up their own refueling sites. Cummins’ new X15N natural gas engine uses a maintenance free three-way catalyst aftertreatment, further reducing the cost of operation.

This is one of the most viable solutions today for fleets to reduce transportation emissions. In 2020, California vehicle fleets running on renewable natural gas (RNG) achieved net negative greenhouse gas emissions by removing more carbon dioxide from the air than they produced.


Hydrogen engines are still internal combustion engines, simply running on hydrogen versus fossil fuels. Vehicles burning hydrogen fuel operate without any CO2 emissions come from the hydrogen fuel. Depending on the source of the hydrogen, even indirect CO2 emissions may be reduced to zero. For example, if hydrogen used for driving is produced by solar panels or wind turbines, that would truly be CO2 free driving. Converting the medium and heavy-duty trucks on the road in the US to clean hydrogen would eliminate about a quarter of the transportation sector’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Cummins predicts buses and long-haul trucks running on hydrogen are going to become a common sight in the coming decades. These will be in addition to battery-electric buses and trucks that are more viable choices under different conditions and missions. Other applications may be more difficult to electrify, such as construction equipment, agricultural machinery, and off-road engines. Depending on their use cases, these machines may need an off-grid power source like hydrogen (or diesel) to be truly reliable.

As businesses seek the competitive edge through lower fuel costs and maintenance costs, diesel engine technology is still very much part of the conversation. Cummins is proud to provide a full lineup of advanced engines using a variety of fuel sources, including diesel, where the company began over 100 years ago.


Advanced diesel engines are one of the leading tools available to transporters, farmers, manufacturers, builders, and other commercial users. Like any tool, everyone has their preferences for getting the job done. Some people want the newest item on the market, while others prefer a tried-and-tested old reliable. Cummins helps both types achieve their mission with diesel engines that merge a tradition of excellence with today’s leading technology. Their line of advanced diesel engines delivers the high performance you have come to expect from Cummins along with the connectivity, data, and environmental efficiencies that are required by today’s economy and climate.

What solutions caught your attention today? Reach out with more questions about how Cummins advanced diesel engines can become a dependable part of your success.

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