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Cummins 4.0L engine helps JAC light truck enter the Israeli market

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The golden autumn bears fruit, and the victory is gratifying. Recently, 23 JAC EU version N90 light trucks equipped with Cummins B4.0 engines were officially exported to Israel.

Cummins B-series engines, since they emerged in the European and American markets in the 1980s and 1990s, have taken the world by storm with their excellent product performance and gained 15 million users' word-of-mouth recognition.

Israel, located in the center of the two continents of Asia and Europe, has a highly mature automobile market and has always been a fierce competition for major international mainstream automobile brands. As the first Chinese light truck brand to be introduced into Israel in batches, the first launch of JAC's EU version of the N90 model is of great significance.

The New B series of power produced by Anhui Cummins, with higher reliability, economy and durability, helps JAC light trucks compete on the same stage with international automobile brands such as Europe, America, Japan and Korea, and compete in overseas markets.

The Cummins B4.0 Euro VI engine equipped in JAC's EU version of the N90 model precisely matches the market demand. The maximum power is 143kW, the maximum torque is 730N·m, and the torque is wide, giving the vehicle high power in multiple working conditions and complex road conditions performance.

Before leaving the factory, the engine has undergone 6 million kilometers of vehicle road tests and 30,000 hours of bench reliability test verification. The durable quality demonstrates high reliability performance, helping users to achieve efficiency and cost reduction, and increase revenue.

At the same time, the transmission system composed of Cummins B4.0 Euro VI engine + Eaton gearbox has a transmission efficiency of over 99%, bringing stronger power, more comfortable handling and better fuel economy to JAC EU N90 models.


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