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Cummins Announces New Aspirational Representation Goals For Veterans

Views: 0     Author: by Tamra Knudsen, Brand Journalist     Publish Time: 2023-11-10      Origin:


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Cummins Announces New Aspirational Representation Goals For Veterans

Cummins honors Veterans

Veterans Day and Remembrance Day are significant occasions that share a common purpose to honor the service and selfless sacrifice of those protecting their nation’s democratic freedoms, especially during times of war.

Cummins Inc. is recognizing the value that veterans bring to the company’s workforce by establishing aspirational goals for veteran employment representation at all levels of the organization that mirror or exceeds that of the communities it serves, capitalizing on the unique talents and inherent intersectionality of this population to provide an overall competitive advantage in the marketplace.

The countries in which goals will be established are: United States (7%), France (6%), Italy (5%), Romania (5%), United Kingdom (4%), Belgium (4%), Germany (4%), Australia (4%), Canada (3%), and India (2%). The leader in commercial and industrial power believes the goals send a strong message to the organization as well as the community about the value it places on veterans and holds Cummins accountable to the company’s goals of building a workforce that is representative of the communities it serves. The goals also reinforce the message that Cummins wins with the power of difference.

Cummins employee Brandi Kammel.

“By honoring veterans both past and present, we show our respect and gratitude for their service, and we acknowledge our debt to them,” says Earl Newsome, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, at Cummins. Newsome is a veteran himself and Executive Sponsor of the veterans employee resource groups at the company. “We also express our solidarity with those who are still serving or suffering from the effects of war. Veterans Day and Remembrance Day are not only days to reflect on history, but also an opportunity to look forward to a better future.”


Cummins is proud to be recognized by Military Friendly® Employers and the UK’s Armed Forces Covenant, standards that measure an organization’s commitment, effort, and success in creating sustainable and meaningful benefits for the military community. Further, Cummins’ unwavering commitment to create inclusive environments includes supporting veterans and their families not only in the workplace, but also in the communities where Cummins has a presence.

“From the great work Cummins Veterans Employee Resource Groups are progressing, to the success we are having in attracting veteran talent to our organizations through programs like DOD Skillbridge, Hiring Our Heroes, and the Civilian Work Attachments Program, Cummins is committed to further advance veteran inclusion and belonging in our workplace and our communities,” says Newsome.

Cummins shows commitment to inclusion.

This year, in recognition of Veterans Day and Remembrance Day, many of Cummins’ locations are organizing recognition events. Watch for more news on those event highlights coming out soon on Cummins newsroom.

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