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Cummins’ Newest Models Of Generators Amplifies Its Commitment To Innovation And Reliable Power

Views: 0     Author: Fridley, Minnesota     Publish Time: 2024-04-30      Origin: Cummins News


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Cummins’Newest Models Of Generators Amplifies Its Commitment To Innovation And Reliable Power


Today, Cummins Power Generation launched two new models of generator sets as a continuum of their award-winning CentumTM Series powered by Cummins Inc.’s robust QSK78 engine.

In response to high market demand, the new models C275D6E and C3000D6EB, with power output of 2750kW and 3000kW respectively, have been engineered specifically for the most critical applications such as data centers, healthcare facilities and waste-water treatment plants.  They ensure fast start performance, robust load handling capability and have the capability to operate in high ambient environments.  Designed with a smaller footprint, the C275D6E and C3000D6EB models allow for space optimization and maximum power output, representing a significant shift in the Cummins approach to power system design.

“We at Cummins Power Generation are extremely excited to share with you these next generation products that we have worked diligently to bring to life. We introduced the first Centum Series models at 1250kW and 1500kW on the 38-liter platform in July 2022, recently the 1750kW and 2000kW models based on the 50-liter engine and now bring to you the 2750kW and 3000kW models based on the 78-liter engine. Keeping with the Centum Series promise, these products build on decades of experience meeting our customers’ mission critical needs, and deliver a step change improvement in power density, assured reliability, sustainability and low emissions. At Cummins, we are on a mission to stay in the forefront with innovative power solutions and remain committed to our customers, our industry and our planet,” said Vipul Tandon, Executive Director, Global Power Generation.

Like all other Cummins standby generators, the new series offerings including the QSK78 engines, are approved for use with paraffinic fuels (per EN15940) including HVO fuel, without any modifications to the engine necessary, enabling operators to lower carbon emissions. Additionally, improved engine performance ensures reduced levels of criteria emissions, a critical need in key data center markets.

“We feel a responsibility to be an enabling partner for pivotal industries like data centers that are on the forefront of innovation and sustainability. This has driven our investments in products like the Centum Series that are delivering a step change improvement in how power is delivered for today and future generations.” continued Mr. Tandon.

Cummins is a uniquely positioned OEM that brings together expertise and innovation to deliver fully integrated power system solutions from design and manufacturing to installation and service.

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