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Cummins Power Wuhan Plant Rolled the 4000th QSK60 Diesel Generator Set off the Assembly Line

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On December 16, all employees of Cummins Power (China) Co., Ltd., customers, and distributors witnessed the rollout of the 4000th QSK60 series unit. There are four models of this product, with standby power ranging from 1650kW to 2200kW. It is currently a model widely used in the data center industry. Relying on its advanced electronic control design, excellent load capacity, and clean combustion emissions, it is widely loved by data center customers. It is the "net" celebrity product in the field of data center backup power supply and has occupied the top spot for many years.

The 4000th QSK60 diesel generator set off the assembly line will be used to assemble the second batch of PowerBloc™ products. After delivery, it will be used in a data center project of Shenzhen Yixin Technology Co., Ltd.

Yixin Technology is an old customer of Cummins Power. “Cummins Power diesel generator sets account for more than 90% of Yixin’s data center projects,” said Liu Hejun, general manager of Shenzhen Yixin Technology’s IDC Project Center. “Our company is equipped with Cummins Power’s QSK60 diesel power generation The unit’s Shenzhen data center project was awarded the “National Green Data Center” and “China Mobile Five-Star Data Center” by six national ministries and commissions and China Mobile."

Why is the QSK60 series diesel generator set so hot?

The QSK60 series diesel generator set is the "start-up model" of Cummins Power (China) Co., Ltd. The factory was established in 2009, and the QSK60 series diesel generator set was mass-produced in 2010, and it was widely acclaimed as soon as it went on the market. The QSK60 platform series engine it uses is an industrial, heavy-duty, fully electronically controlled EFI engine, which is widely used in various industries such as mines, ships, oil fields, and power generation. It is the flagship product of Cummins' full range of products.

In 2011, Cummins Power launched the QSK60 high-voltage series unit products for medium and high-voltage applications. At that time, the data center industry was in the ascendant, and this research and development result has been widely used in large-scale data center backup power systems many years later.

After years of application, the reliability of QSK60 products has been fully verified. After that, Cummins Power launched another new product-C2750D5B, allowing customers to use less space, lower fuel consumption, and provide more power.

In 2021, Cummins Power uses the QSK60 generator set as the core of power generation, and launched a highly integrated PowerBloc™ product, which provides a better solution for the modularization, high integration, rapid maintenance, land saving and shortening the construction period of the data center backup power supply. plan.

Whether it is a conventional high-pressure unit or a highly integrated PowerBloc™, the QSK60 series diesel generator set is the core. Because this product takes "reliability" to the extreme.

High power density: Thanks to the excellent technology of Cummins Power, the QSK60 series diesel generator sets provide up to 2750kVA of electricity with a 60L displacement. This is an outstanding achievement in the industry. Not only that, after testing in high altitude areas, QSK60 can achieve There is no power drop on the plateau.

Stable and durable performance: As a backup power system, in extreme weather and poor project site conditions, the QSK60 unit has a record of more than a thousand hours of continuous and stable operation in the domestic data center power supply in just a few months. Witnessed by customers, QSK60 series units have achieved continuous 100% load for 230 hours and 10% overload for 10 hours twice.

Fast start-up and fast parallel connection: When encountering extreme conditions, Cummins Power's units can automatically start within 10s, and it takes only 8 seconds for 32 QSK60 units to be connected in parallel.

There are many application scenarios: QSK60 series unit products are the Internet celebrities of Internet data centers, and are also widely used in communications, banking, high-tech manufacturing, overseas engineering EPC, airports, power stations and many other industries.

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