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Cummins and Daimler AG Promote global innovation together

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According to, today, Cummins' global road vehicle strategic partners and key customers include Foton, Dongfeng, Shaanxi Automobile, Jianghuai, Jinlong, Yutong and other domestic commercial vehicle leading enterprises, as well as Paika truck, Wanguo truck, Volvo North American truck, Daimler North America Trucks, Chrysler, Ford, DAF, India's Tata, Volkswagen, Russia's Kamaz, Canada's Westport, Sweden's Scania and other world-class commercial vehicle companies.

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Tom Linebarger, chairman and CEO of Cummins, said: This cooperation is an excellent opportunity for Cummins and Daimler to enhance competitiveness and promote global innovation, and can provide customers with more Multiple product options and further reduction of emissions. As the world's leading provider of power solutions, Cummins is committed to providing diverse technologies to ensure that customers anywhere can get the most suitable power solutions, including advanced diesel technology, near-zero emission natural gas power , pure electric, hydrogen energy and other technologies.

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