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Cummins makes the world's first new 15-liter National VI engine to boost China's logistics industry

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September 30. The reporter learned on the 30th that Cummins has released its newly developed 15L national six heavy-duty engine product for the global market, aiming to bring 48% mass production thermal efficiency and 680 horsepower maximum power. The "killer feature" has helped the logistics industry enter a "New Era" in terms of power, TCO (The full life cycle cost), and efficient customization.

At present, the power selection of the global logistics industry is trending towards high-horsepower, low-fuel consumption and high-efficiency power. The 15L engine has become the mainstream power configuration for trunk logistics in the international long-distance market. In China, the choice of medium and long-distance logistics power also has a significant upward trend from 13L.

The Cummins 15L engine will be the first to be installed on domestic first-line heavy truck products such as Dongfeng, Foton Daimler, Shaanxi Automobile, etc., and become an important driving force for the logistics market segments such as long-distance trunk lines and LTL express. As one of the most important logistics distribution centers in China, Chengdu is connected to Yunnan-Guizhou in the south, Qinghai-Tibet in the west, Qinling in the north, and Bashan in the east. The road conditions are unparalleled, so the road network conditions here have extremely stringent requirements for logistics power.

Wang Kaijun, vice president of Cummins and general manager of the engine business unit, introduced that the National VI 15L engine launched in Chengdu this time is tailor-made for China's logistics industry. So far, Cummins has a comprehensive National VI power solution from 2.5L to 15L, from diesel to natural gas in China, which can meet the diversified power demand of the Chinese market.

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