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Euro 7 emission standards are expected to come into effect as soon as 2025

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Not long ago, foreign media reported that the European Commission will put forward legislative proposals for a new round of emission standards (Euro VII) in the fourth quarter of 2021, and it is expected to take effect as soon as 2025. Euro VII emission standards will further reduce the maximum emission of air pollutants, including fine particles, hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide. Some experts pointed out that at the Euro VII stage, the cost of engine development will increase exponentially. Many OEMs have begun to abandon their own development and turn to independent engine manufacturers. optimal configuration.

There are various indications that the Euro VII era of engines is not far away, but as an independent engine manufacturer, Cummins has already started the development of Euro VII engines. At the 67th Hannover Commercial Vehicle Show in 2018, Cummins launched a conceptual emission control system that can meet Euro VII emissions, reducing emissions to an unprecedented level, and even meeting Euro VII emission standards that are expected to be implemented in the future. Cummins has also combined this conceptual emission control system with the latest intelligent electronics technology to become another revolutionary leap forward for diesel engines.

One of the important contents of the cooperation between Cummins and Daimler AG this time is that Cummins will locally produce mid-horsepower engines for Daimler AG that meet Euro VII emission standards, and equip them with Daimler trucks and buses. Cummins will build an engine plant in the Mercedes-Benz Mannheim Industrial Park to effectively use existing resources to produce medium-sized engines for Mercedes-Benz that meet Euro VII emission standards and ensure a win-win situation in the field of medium-horsepower vehicles .

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