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Fostering Inclusivity And Empowering Voices

Views: 0     Author: by Cummins Inc., Global Power Technology Leader     Publish Time: 2024-06-20      Origin: Cummins News


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Fostering Inclusivity And Empowering Voices


Emma's story with Cummins Inc. began in 2015 when she joined the company, embarking on a path that led to her current role as a Value Package Introduction (VPI) Design and Build Coordinator within the Engine business segment. In this pivotal position, Emma oversees the intricate process of prototype engine development — ensuring precision and efficiency every step of the way.

The element that truly sets Cummins apart for Emma is not just the role itself, but the company's ethos of inclusivity and community engagement. As a second-generation Cummins employee, Emma was drawn to Cummins’ longstanding dedication to diversity, corporate responsibility and its commitment to local communities. One initiative that resonates deeply with her values is Every Employee Every Community (EEEC) program, which encourages employees to volunteer while on company time. She says, “I wanted to work for a company that gave back to the community that supported it, so Cummins was an easy pick for me.”

At Cummins, supporting LGBTQ+ employees is an integral part of each day. From LGBTQ+ Safe Leader Training to Pride Employee Resource (ERG) lunch and learns, the company actively promotes an environment where everyone can bring their authentic selves to work. Emma fondly recalls the support she received when her manager and director volunteered alongside her at the Indy Pride parade — a gesture that clearly demonstrated Cummins' commitment to the LGBTQ+ community. Emma says, “It’s hard to articulate how much their support meant to me. It made me proud to work at Cummins and proud of my team.”

Cummins takes meaningful action during Pride month, like endorsing local parades and festivals.  “One of the things I love to see is Cummins sponsoring Columbus, Indiana (U.S.) and Seymour, Indiana (U.S.) Pride festivals. These two festivals occur in towns where Cummins employs a large amount of the population. It’s great to know that young LGTBQ+ folks in the community will see Cummins as a place where they could work and be their authentic selves,” says Emma. From educational initiatives to active participation in community events like Indy Pride, the company proudly stands as a beacon of support for LGBTQ+ rights and representation.

Emma says she’s experienced challenges in her career but has observed positive changes over time. For example, correct pronoun usage is becoming increasingly common, reflecting a growing awareness and acceptance within the Cummins community.

Emma's experience is a testament to the power of allyship and support from colleagues and management. Last year, she spearheaded an initiative to paint engines with the colors of the Pride and Transgender Pride flags for display at events in Indianapolis, Seymour and Columbus, Indiana.

“My teammates and leadership came together to support my goal. My director located the engine that is now [known as] the ‘Trans Pride’ engine. My manager helped tape and paint. One of my teammates helped me prime the engines and worked on last-minute touch ups with me. Another teammate made sure I had a place for volunteers to paint the engines and store them between events. It took a lot of work and a lot of people, but the engines were ready to be displayed at Pride parades in Indianapolis, Indiana (U.S.), Columbus, Indiana (U.S.) and Seymour, Indiana (U.S.). It’s hard to articulate how much their support meant to me. It made me proud to work at Cummins and proud of my team.”

As Emma reflects on her time at Cummins, she says she’s proud of the strides the company has made in creating a diverse and inclusive work environment. Empowering groups like the Pride ERG to educate employees and celebrate all identities is one way Cummins strives to be a leader in workforce diversity and inclusion.

Emma's story is confirmation of Cummins' unwavering commitment to diversity, inclusion, and community. As she continues to make her mark on the company, her story serves as a reminder that when we embrace our differences, we enrich our workplaces and our communities.

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