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How Cummins Honors Earth Day Its Goal Of Environmental Action

Views: 0     Author: by Blair Claflin, Director of Sustainability Communications     Publish Time: 2023-04-21      Origin:


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How Cummins Honors Earth Day Its Goal Of Environmental Action

Cummins Corporate Office Building

Cummins is committed to doing its part to make the planet a better place.

As the world prepares to celebrate Earth Day Saturday, here are five of the many ways the company is working to improve the environment:


PLANET 2050 logoUnveiled in 2019, the company’s environmental sustainability strategy includes nine goals timed to 2030 and the aspiration to completely power customer success with zero-emission products by 2050. The strategy’s 2030 goals include partnering with customers to reduce Scope 3 lifetime greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from products in the field by 55 million metric tons and producing net water benefits that exceed Cummins’ annual water use in all company regions.


Cummins’ strategy for product decarbonization, aligned to PLANET 2050, was rolled out to employees in 2022.  The strategy calls for making meaningful reductions in carbon emissions through advanced internal combustion technologies widely accepted by the market today, while continuing to invest in and advance zero emission technologies ahead of widespread market adoption.


Accelera by Cummins is the new brand for Cummins’ former New Power business segment, launched in March 2023. Accelera is an energy technology leader committed to securing a sustainable future for the industries that keep the world running. Its diverse portfolio of zero-emission solutions includes battery systems, fuel cells, ePowertrain systems and electrolyzers critical to producing no-carbon green hydrogen.


Cummins in 2022 unveiled the industry’s first unified, fuel-agnostic internal combustion powertrain platforms. This technology helps fleets reduce carbon emissions today by enabling vehicles to run on low- to zero-carbon fuels. The platform utilizes the internal combustion engine technology that fleets are already familiar with while also applying a high level of parts and integration commonality across fuels including diesel, natural gas, hydrogen and other fuel applications.


This July, the multi-million dollar Cummins Water Works program will celebrate its second anniversary of addressing the global water crisis by advancing water security in the communities where Cummins employees live and work. In partnership with leading water experts like The Nature Conservancy and, Cummins Water Works has helped more than 500,000 people around the world, providing about 6 billion gallons in annual water benefits to communities.

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