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Introduction to the South African auto industry and auto parts market

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Introduction to the South African auto industry and auto parts market:

南非 (1)

The automobile industry is the second largest industry in South Africa and the largest manufacturing sector. Its output value accounts for about 7.5% of GDP, 30% of manufacturing output and 10% of export products, and its output accounts for 83% of the whole of Africa. . Although the population of South Africa is less than 50 million, the car ownership exceeds 8 million. Due to the developed automobile industry, South Africa is also known as the "Detroit of Africa". For Africa, South Africa is the "fulcrum" of the entire African auto parts market.

Among African countries, the development of South Africa's auto industry is second only to Egypt. Among all countries in the Middle East, Africa and Latin America, South Africa's auto industry ranks fourth. South Africa's auto industry is the "engine" for the manufacture and export of global automobiles and parts. About 10% of South Africa's exports are automobiles and parts. The industry is a vital part of the South African economy.

In the process of vigorous development of the South African automobile industry, the "Automobile Industry Development Plan" (MIDP) formulated by the South African government has played a great role in promoting. The plan has been implemented continuously for more than 10 years, which has greatly promoted the import and export trade of the automobile industry and promoted the integration of the South African automobile industry with the international market.

Industry insiders generally believe that South Africa is the bridgehead of the African market, a market with great potential, and the last piece of cake in the world that has not been shared. Especially Chinese companies, more and more people are beginning to pay attention to the South African market. This can be seen in the number of exhibitors at the 2009 Frankfurt (South Africa) exhibition and the 2010 South African tire exhibition. However, compared with other African countries, South Africa has a higher market entry threshold and is one of the few countries in Africa that has higher requirements for vehicle emissions and safety.

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