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Navigating Export Controls: A Veteran's Journey At Cummins

Views: 0     Author: by Cummins Inc., Global Power Technology Leader     Publish Time: 2024-05-28      Origin: Cummins News


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Navigating Export Controls: A Veteran's Journey At Cummins


Jeff, a seasoned veteran, recalls the diverse experiences that led him to his current role as an Export Controls Senior Analyst. When Jeff joined Cummins in June 2023, he immersed himself in the business’ defense sector, specializing in global export controls, physical product review and technical data regulation. He’s presented with complex challenges each day to ensure Cummins remains compliant with regulations while thriving in a dynamic global marketplace. Each day presents Jeff with the challenge of unraveling the complexities, ensuring that Cummins remains compliant with regulations while thriving in a dynamic global marketplace.

“In the military, you have to show up every day and perform your job. It’s a drive that is instilled in you through training and motivation.”

Transitioning from a career in the military to the civilian sector was a defining chapter in Jeff's life. Leaving the Marines behind, Jeff embarked on a path within the oil and gas industry in Houston, Texas. Over the course of 20 years, Jeff ascended from his initial role, leveraging his military background to become a global leader in Trade Compliance and Export Controls with Cummins. During this time, he completed an undergraduate degree, a master of business administration and other professional certifications. The discipline instilled in Jeff during his military service laid the foundation for success in his civilian career, driving him to show up every day and excel in his role.

When asked about support during his transition, Jeff expressed:

"Not only has management been supportive and provided the resources to perform my role, but colleagues and teammates have also been there to help answer questions and show me the Cummins way. Our team is made up of highly knowledgeable trade compliance professionals and excellent senior leadership. It is enjoyable working with this level of talent and I am proud to be a member of the team.”

Working alongside his colleagues is a source of pride and inspiration. Together, they tackle complex challenges, providing guidance to the business and safeguarding Cummins' global operations. Their collective efforts underscore the importance of cooperation and alignment in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of export controls.

Jeff believes what sets veterans apart in the job market is their unparalleled training and discipline. “The ability to learn and follow guidance are two very important keys to success,” he says. By leveraging these qualities, veterans can carve out meaningful careers and make a lasting impact in their chosen fields. For veterans considering a transition to a new career, Jeff's advice is simple. “Seize the opportunity, embrace the journey, overcome obstacles, and never lose sight of your potential.”

Jeff's own career trajectory serves as a testament to the limitless possibilities that await those who dare to pursue their dreams. As Jeff continues his journey at Cummins, he is grateful for the opportunities that have shaped his career and enabled him to make a meaningful impact in the world. With each day, Jeff is reminded of the invaluable lessons learned during his military service and the unwavering commitment to excellence that drives him forward.

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