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Nurturing Diversity at Cummins

Views: 0     Author: by Cummins Inc., Global Power Technology Leader     Publish Time: 2024-07-01      Origin: Cummins News


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Nurturing Diversity at Cummins

Francisco's headshot

Francisco is an integral part of the Cummins Inc. team, embodying core values of diversity, inclusion and excellence. He joined Cummins as an Industrial Engineer at the Columbus Fuel Systems Plant in 2017 and has since transitioned into the role of Project Manager – Black Belt for the Cummins Sales and Service Quality group, where his contributions have been transformative. Spearheading improvement projects utilizing Intelligent Quality Tools & Methods (IQTM) and the Six Sigma methodology (DMAIC), Francisco not only showcases his dedication but also aids in continuous improvement and operational excellence.

Francisco's decision to join Cummins was influenced by the company's reputation for embracing diversity and providing equal opportunities, he says. “I was led to Cummins due to their popularity amongst the Latino/Hispanic population in my college. Cummins was well known for being extremely friendly towards Latino candidates and, most importantly at the time, towards international students like I was.” Cummins' welcoming environment stood out to him, making it clear that this was more than just a workplace – it was a place where he could thrive and grow his career.

For Francisco, allyship lies within the Pride Employee Resource Group, where Cummins provides a platform for employees to come together, share experiences and foster understanding. Through his involvement, Francisco found a sense of belonging and made meaningful contributions to the community. “As a new member, everyone there was extremely nice and welcoming of me into the group. Through my efforts leading the organization for Columbus Pride, participating in different events and conversations with the team, I truly felt I could be myself and share a side of my identity that was new even to me. I am very thankful to everyone in that group because through them I had some of my first exposures to being involved within the community and I am so proud of the contributions I was able to make through being involved with the ERG,” he says.

Cummins' support for LGBTQ+ employees is evident through initiatives, from public statements to small gestures like flying the Pride flag. “The Safe Leader Training program is yet another important effort towards ensuring a safe environment for LGBTQ+ employees, by trying to ensure that managers and leaders are educated on how to create a respectful workplace where we can disagree, but never disrespect others’ identities.”

Francisco recalls moments of recognition and support from Cummins' leadership for his contributions to Pride initiatives. These gestures reinforced Cummins' dedication to creating a safe and inclusive environment where every voice is heard and valued. “After I was part of the team organizing the PRIDE ERG’s participation in Columbus Pride. An email was sent to leadership and my manager, for the sole purpose of recognizing those who were engaged in different efforts around Pride month and Pride initiatives. Having leadership take the time to recognize these efforts sent a powerful message to me that the organization values efforts to embrace diversity and promote a safe community seriously and worth recognizing,” he says.

In Francisco's view, Cummins' success in fostering diversity stems from intentional efforts and genuine commitment at every level of the organization. Francisco says that by embracing differences and creating a space for all employees, Cummins harnesses the power of diverse perspectives to drive innovation and excellence. “Cummins has been able to create a diverse and inclusive work environment by being very intentional with their decision to do so. They aren’t just trying to project an image or ride a passing wave, the company has policies, strategies, and programs in place to guarantee that every area of the business continues to grow in diversity. By insisting on having all types of people, from every background and every ideology, Cummins can leverage all these points of view and create an environment where everyone can embrace the difference in others and learn from one another. Cummins understands that it is our diversity of ideas and experiences that make us uniquely capable of tackling problems in different ways and by building a safe and inclusive workplace, we can openly share our 100% authentic selves and perform to the peak of our God-given potential. I am proud to be myself, and I am proud to be able to give my full self into my work in part because Cummins has given me an environment where I can do exactly that.”

Francisco's journey at Cummins exemplifies the power of diversity, inclusion and excellence. As Cummins continues to shape the future, it's individuals like Francisco who lead the way, reminding us that embracing diversity isn't just the right thing to do – it's the key to unlocking our full potential.

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