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Open Type VS Silent Type Generator Set

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Open Type VS Silent Type Generator Set


Emergency Standby Power generation is integral to the reliable operation of mission critical systems and environments. A well designed and maintained Emergency Standby Generator package provides an alternate source of power during an incoming power event, allowing business continuity and removing the risk of data loss.
With a wealth of experience in the emergency standby power industry and a proven track record in providing critical power solutions, Power tecnique design, install, commission, and maintain Generator from 25kVA to 1000kVA. We use a myriad of different engine and alternator combinations to suit the client’s application, environment, and budget.
As part of the design process, an important factor that requires careful consideration is the location of the Generator set and any specific noise restrictions that may be present. Here we take a high-level look at the standard attenuation options available…

Sient Type Generator Sets

When it comes to emergency standby power generation, soundproof generators are typically installed externally or on the roof of a building. Soundproof generator sets are chosen to minimise noise pollution for building staff, adjacent residents, and wildlife, whilst meeting planning and local authority legislation.
Constructed from galvanised steel, fixed directly to the base frame, and finished in a high-quality powder coat. Standard factory-built canopies are typically designed to achieve an average noise level of less than 75dBA @ 1m in free field conditions.
Bespoke options are available for environments where more stringent noise levels are required to achieve planning approval, these options include:
  • Super-silent kits for use on standard factory-built canopies typically providing a 3-4dBA @ 1m noise reduction

  • Bespoke close-fit / wide-fit drop-over enclosures, with or without under base, and specially designed to achieve typical noise levels of 75dBA, 65dBA and 55dBA @ 1m

  • Bespoke containers specially designed to achieve typical noise levels of 75dBA, 65dBA and 55dBA @ 1m

Regardless of the noise level achieved or chosen, a soundproof generator set offers the following benefits:
  • Compliance with local authority legislation and regulations

  • Reduced disturbance to building occupants, residents, and wildlife

  • Improved security and reduced risk of damage from weather and vandalism

Open Type Generator Set

Open generator sets are typically installed inside the building or in an external plant room. An open generator set provides the same function as a soundproofed model, however, is supplied without a canopy.
The building fabric is used to absorb the noise produced by the engine with bespoke attenuation and exhaust systems installed as part of the finished design. These designs would commonly be rated to achieve noise levels of 85dBA, 75dBA, 65dBA or 55dBA @ 1m, free field conditions.
When installed within a building and to operate as designed, fresh air is required for combustion and cooling purposes. This is typically achieved using an inlet attenuator with external weather louvre, designed to achieve the required noise level.
Similarly, cooling air needs to be removed from the generator room to avoid overheating. Which is achieved by installing a discharge attenuator with external weather louvre to ensure the required noise level is reached.
Finally, the exhaust gases need to be removed from the room to atmosphere, with these being directed through an exhaust silencer rated to match the attenuation equipment.
Optional equipment that can also form part of an Open Type Generator can be:
  • Fire dampers

  • Mechanical ductwork

  • Extended exhaust flues

  • Motorised / gravity louvres

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