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Optimized Diagnostics Explained

Views: 0     Author: by Cummins Inc., Global Power Technology Leader     Publish Time: 2024-05-29      Origin: Cummins News


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Optimized Diagnostics Explained


Cummins Inc. is constantly seeking ways to improve the efficiency of fleet service and maintenance events. We know that time spent waiting for repairs can impede a customer’s ability to complete their job on time. Longer downtimes can trigger a ripple effect of delays across the entire fleet.

What Is Cummins's Optimized Diagnostics?

Cummins’ service tools, such as Guidanz®, QuickServe® Online, and INSITE™ provide customers with access to Optimized Diagnostics. Optimized Diagnostics improves and reduces the number of steps to identify the root cause streamlining engine diagnostics.

Traditionally when a vehicle is brought to a service location, technicians diagnose the issue with a troubleshooting tree. Engine faults all have an associated troubleshooting tree, which defines repair practices and includes steps necessary to complete a repair.

While this method is incredibly valuable, Cummins is always looking to improve the maintenance experience and increase customer uptime. Through Optimized Diagnostics, the steps to resolve an issue are reordered to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the repair event.

How Does Optimized Diagnostics Work?  

How is it that Optimized Diagnostics technology can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of a repair event? The answer: automation, data and process reengineering.

Cummins uses both public and proprietary data to optimize the troubleshooting steps for fault codes, dynamically re-ordering troubleshooting steps and driving technicians to the most likely root cause first. Service providers benefit from this advanced technology through the Guidanz Diagnostic Toolkit to deliver legendary service.

Key Elements Of Optimized Diagnostics: Fast Track Repair & Predictive Service Insights 

One element of Optimized Diagnostics that customers and technicians can also benefit from is the Fast Track Repair (FTR) feature.

While Optimized Diagnostics uses automation and process reengineering to reorder troubleshooting steps for a fault code, the Fast Track Repair feature further optimizes the troubleshooting tree by eliminating certain steps altogether. By moving directly to a component replacement, we save valuable time and reduce the complexity of the repair.

On the other hand, Predictive Insights is an element that customers can use to optimize their repair plans based on asset-level data. It gives customers access to key insights that enable a proactive intervention as a planned event.

Using proprietary data collected by Cummins Service tools, Cummins Acumen device and select Original Equipment Manufacturers’ (OEM) devices, Predictive Insights predict potential failures for certain components, giving an asset-based recommendation to the customer on when to replace them. With this knowledge, customers can proactively schedule maintenance to prevent the escalation of an issue, improving efficiency and reducing downtime.

Bnefits Of Optimized Diagnostics 

Optimized Diagnostics, FTR and Predictive Service Insights offer many benefits to customers and technicians.

Customers can enjoy reduced vehicle downtime, greater productivity, and consistent revenues due to quicker repairs and proactive maintenance that can help extend vehicle lifespans.

Cummins-certified service providers can leverage these diagnostic tools through Guidanz to increase service efficiency, handle more jobs and cultivate customer loyalty through improved satisfaction. Optimized diagnostics enables quick and accurate identification of issues, reducing time technicians spend on troubleshooting. Optimized Diagnostics ensures resources are utilized more effectively, and urgent repairs are prioritized, optimizing technician and service bay productivity.

Cummins Products And Services 

Cummins’suite of connected solutions and optimized diagnostics technologies are at the forefront of enhancing operational efficiency for fleets, dealers and technicians. Guidanz Diagnostic Toolkit and Service Event Management are robust components of this suite. As an integrated servicing solution, it facilitates everything from real-time diagnostics to maintenance scheduling, ensuring that vehicles return to operation as quickly as possible. This comprehensive approach to vehicle servicing is designed to meet the needs of today’s demanding transportation sector.

Contact your local Cummins sales office today to learn more about Cummins’ digital solutions and how your fleet can harness the power of optimized diagnostics.

Guidanz Diagnostic Toolkit and Service Event Management are robust components of this suite. As an integrated serciving solution, Guidanz Diagnostic Toolkit and Service Event Management are robust components of this suite. As an integrated serciving solution.

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