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Power Generation Across the Generations: Cummins Introduces New Generator Sets Between 1700KVA And 2000KVA

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Cummins introduces new generator sets between 1700kVa and 2000kVA

Today, Cummins Inc. (NYSE: CMI) announced the newly released C1760D5, C1875D5 and C2000D5B generator models are the culmination of almost 60 years of innovation, resulting in even more power for a wider range of applications. The addition of the three new models will provide increased power choices as they join the two existing products built on the same engine platform.

The new models are powered by the proven and well respected KTA50 engine series, engineered and optimized for diverse power applications. The KTA50 engine is well known in the industry as a rugged 4-cycle industrial diesel engine that delivers reliable power, low emissions and fast response to load changes.

“We are excited for the new models in this power range. They will offer our customers a complete and flexible product with even higher power density from a product that has been supporting their needs for nearly 60 years,” shared Ignacio González García de Quevedo, Executive Director – Powergen Markets EMEIA (Europe, Middle East, India and Africa).

The KTA50 engines used in the C1760D5, C1875D5, C2000D5B models are globally acknowledged as robust and highly cost-effective diesel engines in their power range. These new generator sets include features such as:

  • Compact, unmatched power density ranging from a standby rating of 1760KVA to 2000KVA

  • Ability to operate at high altitude and ambient capability with ratings of 1000m at 40°C and 450m at 50°C

  • Stamford ® S-Range alternators utilize innovative thermal, electromagnetic and mechanical levers through CoreCoolingTM technology, enabling multiple site installation options. These alternators are among the best footprint in the industry for power output

  • PowerCommand® 3.3 control system offering customers a digital display, a single remote connection and a more integrated system. PowerCommand 3.3 allows for reduced fuel consumption, increased engine life, improved safety, user-friendly display and enhanced serviceability

  • 50°C radiator option allows the generator to operate in extreme climate conditions

  • The generator sets offer the best power density in the market as well as the best service intervals at 500 hours/1 year

These new generator models are being added to the existing KTA50 powered line, including the C1400D5 and C1675D5A. This reliable line of generators are known for their durability and dependability. A customer from Jordan recently spoke of their C1675D5A model, “Cummins met every expectation from specifying the right generator sets for the required standby power and to minimizing any noise.”
For those interested in the C1760D5, C1875D5 and C2000D5B generator models and how they can be a solution for your power needs, contact your local Cummins dealer or distributor.

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