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Remanufactured Engine and Refurbished Engine

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Remanufactured Engine and Refurbished Engine

Engine Block

What is a Remanufactured Engine?

A remanufactured engine is a more extensive machining job than rebuilding, because the engine is pulled out of the vehicle and returned to factory conditions and blueprint specifics.

Everything that has any potential wear is replaced to bring the engine back to its original standards. Anything that isn’t replaced is remanufactured to the standards of a new part. The mechanical tolerances are restored by re-machining or installing the necessary inserts to restore the unit to its original mechanical tolerances.

Remanufactured engines meet the standards for OEM tolerances, durability, and quality. New pistons, connecting rods, rings, bearings, camshafts, lifters, and oil pump are installed. Essentially, the only part from the original engine that is used is the block — if the block is in rebuildable condition.


  • Replaces the old parts of the engine extensively, from the seals, to the gaskets, to the pistons so the engine is fully replaced

  • Extends the life of an engine, longer than a rebuild

  • Often has a warranty that is much longer than a rebuilt engine

  • More environmentally friendly that replacing your vehicle, reducing the non-renewable resources needed to manufacture new vehicles


  • Because the process is very exhaustive, remanufacturing can be more expensive

  • Can take a longer time to remanufacture the engine completely when compared to other options

What is a Refurbished Engine?

A refurbished engine figures out which part of the engine is a problem, and only replaces the failed parts.

Refurbishing the engine doesn’t look at general wear and tear, but it fixes what has clearly caused the engine to fail. The engine is not taken apart completely, nor is it cleaned and inspected entirely. The engine is only taken apart to replace what is necessary to get the engine running again, rather than increase overall longevity and efficiency.

Refurbishing is the easiest and quickest way to get your vehicle running again, but it also only addresses immediate problems, potentially leading to issues in the future.


  • Because the engine does not need to be completely taken apart and cleaned, it is the most economical choice

  • The process is faster than rebuilding or remanufacturing

  • Does not risk part failure through the rebuilding process, as nothing is prematurely taken apart


  • The lifespan of your engine is not extended beyond that of fixing a single issue, as no other aspects of the internal engine are inspected.

  • The debris and grime that accumulates over time is not cleared away

  • The usual wear and tear that comes from regular driving isn’t updated or replaced

  • Does not (usually) come with a warranty

  • Refurbishing is more of a quick-fix than a long term solution like rebuilding or remanufacturing

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