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The Story Of Cummins Power Systems and Onan

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The Story Of Cummins Power Systems and Onan

Cummins Power Systems and Onan

Reasons for choosing Cummins®

You will find that Cummins generators may have a purchase cost a little more than the cheaper competition.  But, when the total life-cycle cost of the product is considered,

  • Cummins industrial power generators are widely regarded as the best in the world. Cummins is the only company in the industry with single source manufacturing responsibility for the genset and the transfer switch. This allows for easy access to technical information, parts, and expert servicing of your unit. You will benefit by working with one manufacturer, one specification, one order and one matching system.

  • The Cummins genset and the Cummins transfer switch are American made. In most cases, we can get any part for the Cummins power system within 24 hours.

  • Cummins is committed to the generator business for the long haul. Unlike other companies that jumped into the generator market to take advantage of Y2K and are now gone, Onan has 80 years of history and is here to stay.

  • Cummins has trained, tested and certified over 1000 authorized service dealers, covering most major metropolitan areas in the U.S. and Canada. To find service nearest to you, simply call (800)888-ONAN.

  • At Cummins, quality comes first. To achieve customer satisfaction, the quality of Onan products and services are top priority. Quality improvement and waste elimination have been the key to Cummins' success for over 80 years.

When you factor in all the variables, quality of equipment, service, parts, warranty, reputation and cost -- the Cummins power system stands alone as the best on the market.

The History of Onan® - now owned by Cummins

D. W. (David) Onan knew he was on to something back in 1920 when he started Onan.  Electricity, and the equipment to generate it, was the leading technology of that time.  Besides being able to envision the future of electrical power, he also had an intense commitment to build a company that would thrive during good and bad times.   His dream was to provide well designed and manufactured products for those who needed high quality electric generating equipment.

Through his inspiration, Onan has been a leader with many product developments and industry firsts.  Here are a few historical notes that are especially significant:

  • In the 1920s Onan first designed and built small electric generating sets.

  • Onan designed and built their first gasoline engine in 1930.

  • Onan's distributor network was developed in 1947.  Today, this network ranks
    among the most highly qualified in the industrial marketplace.

  • Onan was one of the first U.S. companies to design and build a small diesel engine.

  • In 1972 Onan opened international offices in Amsterdam, Caracas and Hong Kong.

  • Onan purchased Newage International Ltd. in 1984.

  • Cummins Engine Company, Inc. purchased majority ownership of Onan in 1986
    and assumed total ownership in 1992.

As a member of the Cummins family, Onan brings together the Cummins engine technology, Newage alternator technology, and its own control and switchgear manufacturing expertise.  The result is an integrated product line and worldwide support network that is unmatched by any other power systems manufacturer.  Since Cummins has complete control of power system design and manufacture, the user gets single source responsibility that extends from project concept through the life of your power generation system.

Onan has provided power system solutions for a long time. Cummins will continue leading the way with new product development, extension of existing product lines, as well as product performance and quality improvements.

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