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The thermal efficiency is as high as 48%! Cummins 15-liter National VI engine starting: 3200 Nm

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A few days ago, Cummins released its newly developed 15L National VI heavy-duty engine products. The engine has a mass production thermal efficiency of 48% and a maximum power of 680 horsepower.

According to officials, the Cummins 15L engine will be the first to be installed on domestic first-line heavy truck products such as Dongfeng, Foton Daimler, Shaanxi Automobile, etc., for long-distance trunk lines, LTL Express and other logistics segments.

According to reports, the new engine has a power output of up to 680PS/3200Nm, a maximum braking power of 612PS, a power rise of up to 47PS, a 16% increase in acceleration performance, and a 20% increase in climbing performance, which can meet the needs of long-distance transportation on trunk lines and high transportation efficiency. .

At the same time, the mass production of this engine has a thermal efficiency of 48%, achieving a fuel economy improvement of up to 12%, and the ultimate optimization of the power chain Down Speed, achieving lower fuel consumption at the same speed, and faster speed at the same fuel consumption, up to 150,000 kilometers. The oil change interval, the weight of 1 ton.

It is worth mentioning that this engine can be customized for different OEM users' products. It can be customized in the development stage to maintain the overall performance while giving full play to its differentiated characteristics. For different working conditions, it can be calibrated before leaving the factory or remotely. Upgrade to adjust engine settings to better suit actual working conditions; customize services and data tools according to different customer needs to improve service efficiency and user experience.


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