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What Is A Cummins QSK23 Engine?

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What is a Cummins QSK23 engine?


Cummins QSK23 delivers the power and performance of a 12-cylinder engine in a compact, in-line 6-cylinder design. Released specifically for the rail engine market, the QSK23 delivers increased durability and reliability with a lower total life-cycle cost than that of comparable engines.

Every major system and component is designed by Cummins to work as part of an integrated unit, setting unbeatable standards in rail diesel productivity. Ratings range from 860 hp to 950 hp (641-708 kW) in locomotive and track machinery. The QSK23 delivers auxiliary power up to 600 kVA at 50 Hz.

The QSK23 is built to drive down production costs and meet sustainability goals at the same time. It combines rugged productivity, high-power density, and advanced engine management technology to deliver the lowest operating cost per ton of any mining engine in its class.


  • TIER 4 FINAL / STAGE V READY - Smart design allows it to meet requirements for both.

  • MODULAR COMMON RAIL SYSTEM (MCRS) - Advanced in-cylinder combustion technology that results in a more controlled combustion process, and smooth, quiet performance and lower operating costs with up to 2 percent better fuel economy.

  • INTEGRATED EMISSION SYSTEM - By integrating the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system into the engine operation, we’re able to protect engine performance and power density, while improving fuel economy over previous engine models, without increasing heat rejection or the engine footprint.

  • CUMMINS HHP SCR - For high horsepower engines, SCR technology has proven to be a better choice because it optimizes engine performance and minimizes engine stress and wear.

  • EXTENDED NANONET FUEL FILTER AND LUBE FILTER - Extends maintenance intervals; can more than double filter life.

  • PREVENTECH MINING - Innovative digital service solution for remote engine monitoring and prognostics and customers algorithms and alerts.

Cummins has been driving the mining industry forward since 1926. With engines like our QSK23, we’re continuing to help miners break new ground in sustainable practices and reduce the cost of production. Put the QSK23 to work in your mining operation and discover the advantages of Cummins.

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