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What Is A Rebuilt Engines and A Remanufactured Engine?

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What Is A Rebuilt Engine And A Remanufactured Engine?

What is a Rebuilt Engine?

A rebuilt engine is an engine that is taken out of a vehicle, taken apart, and put back together. The engine is carefully disassembled where each part is meticulously cleaned, necessary parts of the engine are replaced, and the engine is reassembled with everything in better order than previously. Every part of the engine is inspected, and any part that does not meet the required standards is replaced. All parts of the engine that do meet the specifications are reused to reduce the environmental and economic impact of the work being done to your engine.


  • Extends the life of your engine, and in turn, vehicle, for a fraction of the cost of replacing your car

  • All critical components have been replaced, and the replaced parts meet or exceed the standards of the previous engine parts


  • Being a mix of old and new parts, some older parts could shorten the life expectancy of the vehicle

  • The parts are inspected but not held to the same blueprint standards of remanufacturing

  • Some of the used parts could have imperceivable wear (heat stress or microcracks) and cause the engine to fail

What is a Remanufactured Engine?

A remanufactured engine is a more extensive machining job than rebuilding, because the engine is pulled out of the vehicle and returned to factory conditions and blueprint specifics.

Everything that has any potential wear is replaced to bring the engine back to its original standards. Anything that isn’t replaced is remanufactured to the standards of a new part. The mechanical tolerances are restored by re-machining or installing the necessary inserts to restore the unit to its original mechanical tolerances.

Remanufactured engines meet the standards for OEM tolerances, durability, and quality. New pistons, connecting rods, rings, bearings, camshafts, lifters, and oil pump are installed. Essentially, the only part from the original engine that is used is the block — if the block is in rebuildable condition.


  • Replaces the old parts of the engine extensively, from the seals, to the gaskets, to the pistons so the engine is fully replaced

  • Extends the life of an engine, longer than a rebuild

  • Often has a warranty that is much longer than a rebuilt engine

  • More environmentally friendly that replacing your vehicle, reducing the non-renewable resources needed to manufacture new vehicles


  • Because the process is very exhaustive, remanufacturing can be more expensive

  • Can take a longer time to remanufacture the engine completely when compared to other options

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