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How Software Containerization Advances Commercial Vehicle Software Compatibility
For customers to fully optimize their fleets, they need the latest software capabilities coupled with the best engine and powertrain technologies. Cummins Inc. has a long history of innovation in telematics technologies that enhance fleet efficiency by increasing uptime and streamlining maintenance and repair. Cummins Inc. has a long history of innovation in telematics technologies and customizing and integrating software with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Such expertise has enhanced fleet efficiency through increased uptime and streamlined maintenance and repair events.
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Cummins’ Meritor Acquisition: A Game-changer In The Commercial Vehicle Market
Cummins Inc., a global leader in power and technology, successfully acquired Meritor, Inc., a renowned supplier of drivetrain, mobility, braking, aftermarket and electric powertrain solutions for commercial vehicle and industrial markets. The acquisition was completed in August 2022, and Cummins has since integrated Meritor's core business into its own, leveraging its extensive sales and service network and strong customer relationships worldwide.
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How Do ECMs Work In Fuel Delivery Systems Across Fuel Technologies?
The engine control module (ECM) is a critical component in the fuel delivery system in diesel, natural gas and hydrogen vehicles. This article looks at the role of ECMs in the fuel delivery systems across various fuel technologies like diesel, natural gas and hydrogen. As we examine modern fuel systems and fuel delivery systems, we will see how ECMs work with fuel delivery systems to keep vehicles moving on the road. The article will also explore how well-functioning fuel delivery systems help drivers and fleets achieve optimal performance and help them achieve their sustainability goals.
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How does the fuel delivery system work for hydrogen Ice, Hydrgen Fuel Cell And Natural Gas Vehicles?
The fuel delivery system is one of the most critical components in a vehicle and is the heart of a vehicle's power generation process. The fuel delivery system serves a similar function to a fuel tank in diesel-powered vehicles.
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