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Destination Zero

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Right First-time Engine Testing For Long-term Sustainability
Like every invention, Cummins Inc. engines undergo rigorous testing to determine the viability of a new component, design or technology. With test cells installed in 2015, Seymour Engine Plant’s engine research and development capability and capacity significantly increased. Now, the plant’s sustainability leaders are on a mission to reduce test cell’s fuel emissions.
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Can An Engine Run On Hydrogen?
Can An Engine Run On Hydrogen? Companies working to achieve their decarbonization goals are increasingly interested in hydrogen engines. Over the past year, leading companies like Tata Motors, Buhler Industries and Werner Enterprises have expressed interest in Cummins 15-liter hydrogen engine. More leading companies can take advantage of hydrogen-powered solutions to decarbonize as these technologies become more cost-friendly and widely available.
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Hydrogen Engines And Long-haul Trucking
Hydrogen use in the transportation sector initially focused on hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV's). More recently, however, hydrogen vehicles powered by internal combustion engines (ICEs) are increasingly receiving attention, especially among medium and heavy-duty trucking applications. But why?
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Driving Toward a More Sustainable Future in the United States
The future of our planet depends on a decarbonized economy. At Cummins Inc., we see the path to net zero involves both developing advanced internal combustion engines which can be deployed today, and innovating zero-emission solutions in markets where the infrastructure is ready. Cummins estimates that advancing both ways will contribute to 1.4 gigatons of cumulative carbon reduction. That’s the equivalent of removing all trucks from the road for three years.
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