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Diesel giant Cummins history-2

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The foundation for career success

In 1933, Cummins launched the H-type engine. Powerful and suited to the needs of the transportation industry, this engine became Cummins' most successful engine line. At the same time, Cummins hired excellent managers, including John Niven, an experienced manager; Paris Lightsinger, who single-handedly created Cummins' customer- and agent-oriented marketing system; V.E. McMahon Len, who modernized the company's operations; and Joseph Erwin Miller, Mr. Erwin's great-nephew, who had been Cummins' general manager since 1934. In the next 40 years, Mr. Erwin Miller led Cummins to become a well-known international company. Through high-quality products and its unique nationwide service system, Cummins made its first profit in 1937. In 1940, Cummins launched a 100,000-mile warranty service, creating an original precedent in the engine industry.

The Heavy Truck Market During World War II and Postwar

During World War II, Cummins Engine Company mainly produced engines for the U.S. Army and Department of the Navy. Cummins engines have withstood the rigors of warfare from the tropics to the Arctic Circle. In Europe, Africa and other theaters, a considerable part of the Allied military supplies is transported by military convoys equipped with Cummins engines.

In the 1950s, the United States began a huge project to build interstate highways. Most of the equipment used to build roads used Cummins engines, including the thousands of heavy trucks that later drove on these roads. Truck drivers require engines that are economical, fuel-efficient, powerful, safe and reliable, and Cummins engines can fully meet their needs. Combining laboratory research results with practical applications - including valuable experience gained on the Indy 500 race track - Cummins continues to achieve technological breakthroughs. In 1954, Cummins invented the revolutionary PT (pressure-time) fuel injection system. By the late 1950s, Cummins had annual sales of more than $100 million and became a leader in the production of heavy-duty truck diesel engines.

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