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:Inside Cummins' Newest Natural Gas Generators-QSJ8.9G C175N6B & C200N6B-A Chat With The Sales Application Engineer

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: Inside Cummins' Newest Natural Gas Generators-QSJ8.9G C175N6B & C200N6B-A Chat With The Sales Application Engineer


With the two new industry leading natural gas generator sets introduced to the market, Dennis Tarr, a Sales Application Engineer, shares his expertise in the power systems industry and at Cummins Inc. 

1.    In your opinion, how has the standby natural gas power systems market changed in the past decade?

With more people being interested in sustainable energy solutions and being more environmentally conscious, I think they are looking into natural gas generator sets as their choice for an energy management solution. With that, our customers are also looking at natural gas generator sets for better emissions and a lower carbon footprint. Convenience related to managing fuel sources and the location of the facilities are some of the other factors that influence customers' consideration for natural gas generator sets. C175N6B and C200N6B will be great additions in broadening our natural gas generator set portfolio to meet more customers’ needs.

2.    What word comes to mind when you think about the new C175N6B / C200N6B?

Competitive. Cummins provides cost-efficient solutions to meet customer needs with a robust global service network. Cummins is making the QSJ8.9G more competitive with the smallest engines for 175kW and 200kW nodes. The C175N6B and C200N6B are now available, and they are here to serve the needs of customers, whatever they may be. Cummins also offers unparalleled support throughout the customer’s experience with our biggest network of services, which adds to the competitiveness of our products.

3.    What is your favorite part of being on the Cummins Sales Team?

I got into the power generation industry because I love electricity. It has no physical form but plays such a critical role in everyone’s lives. Now I get to see how standby/emergency generator sets serve to keep people’s lives going. And at Cummins, we do that safely for everyone involved in the process. For our teams, our customers, wherever they are located. We make sure to put safety at the forefront of every step. I’m beyond excited to share a product our amazing teams have been working on for our customers.

The Cummins C175N6B and C200N6B use a 8.9-liter QSJ8.9G engine with natural gas as their fuel. With these two nodes, the QSJ8.9G provides the highest power density among the natural gas generator set products in the industry. Cummins is dedicated to powering customers' needs with our leading technology, expertise and commitment. Click here to read more about what our product owner shared about these new gas generator sets. 

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