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What does Cummins Midrange Long Block Includes?

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Cummins Midrange Long Block

What is Cummins midrange engines?

Cummins midrange engines are Cummins B, C, L series engines.  We provide Long blocks for quick repair of the Cummins / Komatsu / Hyundai Engines. See the details of Cummind midrange long blocks below:

6B5.9 Long Block -3

6B5.9/6D102 Long Block

SAA6D114E-2 Long Block -1

6C8.3/6D114 Long Block

SAA4D107E-1 Long Block -3

QSB4.5/4D107 Long Block

SAA6D107E-1 Long Block -4

QSB6.7/6D107 Long Block

SAA6D114E-3 Long Block -2

QSC8.3/6D114 Long Block

4B3.9 Long Block -2

4B3.9/4D102 Long Block

What does Cummins Midrange Long Blocks Include?

Cummins Midrange Long Blocks contains the following components:

  • Cylinder Block

  • Cylinder Head Assy with Intake & Exhaust Valves, Springs... Loaded

  • Crankshaft

  • Camshaft

  • Connecting Rods (Con-rod)

  • Pistons

  • Piston Rings (Piston Compression Rings, Piston Oil Ring)

  • Piston Pins

  • Piston Retaining Rings

  • Main Bearings (Upper Bearings, Lower Bearings, Thrust Bearings)

  • Connecting Rod Bearings (Upper Bearings, Lower Bearings)

  • Piston Cooling Nozzles

  • Oil Pan

  • Oil Suction Tube

  • Gear Housing

  • Gears (Fuel Pump Gear, Crankshaft Gear, Camshaft Gear)

  • Rocker Arm Assy

  • Push Rod

  • Valve Tappet

  • Lubricating Oil Pump

  • Valve Cover

What does Long Blocks not contain?

  • Fuel Pump

  • Fuel Injectors

  • Fuel Lines

  • Filters (Fuel Filter, Lubricating Filter, Water Filter)

  • Turbocharger

  • Turbo Drains

  • Air Intake Connections

  • Water Pump

  • Lube Oil Cooler

  • Filter Heads

  • ECM & Wiring Harness

  • Sensors

  • Air Compressors

  • Flywheel Housing

  • Flywheel

  • Starter

  • Alternator

  • Etc.

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