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A Complete Powertrain – Cummins X15N™ Integrated Power

Views: 0     Author: by Puneet Singh Jhawar, General Manager – Global Spark Ignited Business     Publish Time: 2024-05-10      Origin: Cummins News


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A Complete Powertrain – Cummins X15N™ Integrated Power


Throughout the last few years, Cummins Inc. has partnered with multiple companies to provide solutions for customers beyond engines. Cummins HELM™ X15N™ natural gas powertrain offers optimal performance and meets the needs of fleets looking for more sustainable fuel options.

In 2017, Cummins formed a joint venture with Eaton to deliver advanced automated transmissions. Then, in 2022, the joint venture, Cummins Clean Fuel Technologies, was born to develop and manufacture compressed natural gas fuel systems. In that same year, Cummins acquired Meritor to add additional powertrain components and accelerate the development of other power solutions.

So, what have those acquisitions led to?

X15N – Up To 10% Fuel Economy Improvement Over ISX12N With A Similar Rating And Duty Cycle

The X15N will be available in North America the summer of 2024 as an EPA and CARB solution for 2024 and beyond. It offers up to 500 hp and 1,850 lb.-ft of torque. Additionally, it’s lighter than traditional 15- and 12-liter diesel engines and has improved efficiency without compromising on power. Cummins has also implemented many design improvements to the X15N  from the previous natural gas offering, the ISX12N.

As the trucking industry moves toward more technologically integrated solutions, the X15N works seamlessly with Cummins' suite of digital capabilities, powered by Acumen®, Cummins’ smart computing device that enhanced engine intelligence. Acumen enables access to industry-leading remote diagnostics tools, including Predictive Insights that use advanced prognostics to notify drivers before components are likely to fail. Additionally, Over-the-Air Programming allows for the optimization of engine performance and efficiency through software updates and adjustable parameters, simplifying the process of keeping your fleet running at peak performance.

Guidanz® is the latest suite of digital service tools to streamline service events, helping to maintain the fleet with minimal downtime. This digital service solution and its features take diagnostics and troubleshooting to the next level. Fault codes, flagged as Fast Track Repair, skip traditional diagnostic assessment steps and move directly to necessary repair work, accelerating service speed and saving your valuable time. Preventive service needs can be identified allowing them to be addressed during planned service events, reducing maintenance costs and minimizing downtime so vehicles can spend more time on the road and at job sites.

Transmission – A Significant Drivability Improvement

A vehicle’s transmission manages the power generated by the engine to ensure optimal performance and drivability under varying road conditions and loads. The X15N leverages the Endurant HD ™ N transmission, which enhances drivability through an automated 12-speed transmission while providing low-speed maneuverability.

The transmission also has intelligent features like IntelliConnect™ remote diagnostics. This technology promotes efficient and informed fleet management by providing crucial monitoring and notifications regarding the vehicle's status and performance.

State-Of-The-Art-Fuel-Delivert System From Cummins Clean Fuel Technologies  

The fuel delivery system is responsible for storing and supplying the fuel to the engine resulting in optimal performance and efficiency. The X15N can be paired with Cummins Clean Fuel Technologies compressed natural gas fuel systems to provide more range, faster refueling, better aerodynamics, enhanced safety, and integrated fuel management for performance, serviceability, and durability.

Cummins Clean Fuel Technologies systems provide engine control module (ECM) integration, telematics support and an in-dash driver message center powered by GreenLync™ technology.  The back of cab fuel storage systems are available in a range of sizes, from 60 to 175 diesel gallon equivalents. Customers can select a fuel capacity that aligns with their specific operational requirements.

Compatible Cummins -Meritor Axles   

In a vehicle, the axle plays a crucial role in handling the load and ensuring efficient power transfer from the engine to the wheels, to facilitate movement and traction on various road conditions. The X15N integrates seamlessly with high-efficiency tandem drive axles like the 14X™ HE and the lightweight MFS+™ steer axle from Meritor. The MFS+™ steer axle is 85 pounds lighter than previous models and its robust design aims to reduce maintenance costs.

These axles are known for their high efficiency and compatibility with Cummins-Meritor Q+ drum brakes and EX+ air disc brakes. The Dual Meritor Lube Management System improves axle efficiency by minimizing churning losses and reducing required lubricant levels.

A Simplified Aftertreatment System-No Cleaning Or Maintenance 

The aftertreatment system in a vehicle is a key component that reduces  emissions to minimize a vehicle's environmental impact. For customers focusing on incorporating more renewable fuel sources in their medium and heavy-duty vehicles, Cummins offers a practical solution with its three-way catalyst system. This uses a flow-through substrate coated with a precious metal catalyst. The chemical oxidation process turns engine-out emissions into harmless nitrogen, carbon dioxide and water vapor as they pass through the three-way catalyst. This system simplifies the aftertreatment process, as it doesn't require any cleaning or ongoing maintenance tasks. This not only assists in minimizing downtime but also aids in managing operational costs efficiently.

Interested in learning more about Cummins X15N Integrated Power? Contact your local Cummins sales office or your preferred OEM today.

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