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Diesel engine king - Cummins (Cummins) dream of hydrogen kingdom

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Cummins started to expand hydrogen-related business a long time ago. In the world tide of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, Cummins is accelerating its transformation to new energy recently. In 2019, it established the Department of Energy and Power Division, hoping to establish its own hydrogen kingdom, including Hydrogen, hydrogen storage, transportation, hydrogen fuel cells, overall solutions, megawatt-level energy storage solutions, etc., and recently began to test hydrogen fueled internal combustion engines.

Cummins' Blueprint for a Hydrogen Kingdom

Cummins has been developing hydrogen fuel cell technology for over 20 years and has been involved in the hydrogen market for over 70 years.

At present, Cummins has complete industrial capabilities from hydrogen production technology to hydrogen fuel cell manufacturing, and can provide users with complete and unique hydrogen fuel cell solutions to seamlessly meet customer needs. Assistance with equipment, testing and implementation, and system integration for fuel cell projects around the world. Cummins is investing in two types of hydrogen fuel cells: proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells and solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC). Cummins hydrogen fuel cells power everything from mobile applications to backup generators.

Cummins' hydrogen-related products include:

PEM Fuel Cell Power Modules – Scalable from 8 kW to 90 kW, these modules can be combined for higher power requirements and include complete fuel cell systems.

Fuel Cell Powertrain – Cummins combines its 100-year powertrain history and deep understanding of commercial markets and their operating conditions with industry-leading fuel cell technology to deliver a powerful fuel cell powertrain.

Electrolyzers (alkaline and PEM electrolyzers) – Electrolyzers use electricity to split water and produce hydrogen gas. Cummins has supplied electrolysers to more than 50 hydrogen fueling stations.

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